ired project 

The I Red Project was founded in 2014 by the minds of Antonio Gerardo Risi and Maria Di Tuoro. Graduates in Design and mastered in Digital Audio Video Editing @ Sapienza University of Rome begin to deal with music videos for emerging artists.

With the passage of time they invest their energies in the most disparate sectors of the video production dealing with: Advertising, Motion Graphics, Live Event Direction, Virtual Scenography up to collaborate as Visual Effects Artists in the world of cinema. In 2015 they give life to the IRed Video Agency. The study consists of a team of copywriters, directors, operators, editors and vfx artists. Our mission is to create customized solutions to meet the communication needs of customers throughout Italy and the world.

main collabo 

Music Videoclip 

2015 - Caparezza, Troppo Politco, Universal Music italia

2015 - Madman, Patatrac, Universal Music italia

2017 - F. Ricciardi Guè Pequeno, Femmina Bugiarda, Universal Music Italia

2017 - Ivan Granatino, Viene Appriesso a me,  Napule Allucca

2018 - Rocco Hunt, Pillole,  Sony Music Italia

2018 - Rocco Hunt, Tutte 'e Parole,  Sony Music Italia

2018 - Gianluca Vacchi, Wagliò,  Spinnin Records

2019 - Clementino feat Fabri Fibra, "Chi vuole essere milionario?", Polydor

2019 - Clementino, "Tarantelle", Polydor

2019 - Clementino "Mare di notte", Polydor


2015 - L'ispettore Coliandro, Manetti Bross, Visual Effects

2016 - On Air: Storia di un successo , David Simon Mazzoli, Visual Effects

2017 - Veleno, Diego Olivares, Progetto Grafico 

2017 - Finalmente Sposi, Lello Arena, Visual Effects & Graphics

2018 - La Fortezza, Stefano Russo, Visual Effects & Graphics

2018 - Nessuno è Innocente, Toni D'Angelo, Visual Effects

2019 - So Sempe Chille, Romano Montesarchio, Visual Effects & Graphics

2019 - Passpartu, Lucio Bastolla, Visual Effects


2014 - Winter Wonderland London, Spot Commerciale, Regia

2016 -  Enel Energia, Spot Commerciale, Visual Effects

2016 -  EastPack, Spot Commerciale, Motion Graphics

2016 -  H&M Italia, Spot Commerciale, Visual Effects

2016 - ACNE DAY ROMA 2016, Spot commerciale, Regia

2017 - PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL, Spot Commerciale, Motion Graphics

2017 - CHINA GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK, Sigla, Motion Graphics

2018 - DELOITTE ,Spot Commerciale, Regia

2019 - SHELL (Royal Dutch Shell plc), Documentario "Away a Day", Regia

LEdwalls & Installations 

2016 Exhibition @ Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea Salerno (In Extenso)

​2016 Virtual Scenographies "Don Giovanni"

​2016 Virtual Scenographies "PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL"

​2017 Virtual Scenographies "Abbracciame di A. Sannino"

2018 Virtual Scenographies "Ingranaggi Tour I. Granatino"

2018 Virtual Scenographies "Tour Estivo Rocco Hunt"

2018 Virtual Scenographies "Clementino Live 2018"​

2018 Exhibition @ Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea Salerno

2019 Virtual Scenographies "Optodinamica"MIDO Eyewear Show

 our Skills 

Creativity, innovation and originality. People who come to us are looking for a quality and innovative product. We thoroughly study each project to create an original and unique one. We develop ideas tailored to the customer, proposing a complete project that goes from the creation of the video itself to the marketing strategy to be used to push the product better.

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